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HR Notices and Forms, Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, Termination Notices

This is a follow up (Volume 2) of the bestselling first volume of HR Forms and Notices published by LVS Publishing in 2011.
Image of guide book on HR Notices and Forms, including Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook, collective bargaining agreement
This book contains important samples of HR forms and notices, including essential documents such as:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Code of Conduct
  • Collective bargaining agreement
  • Dismissal notices for abandonment, falsification, theft, pornography, immorality, etc.
  • Termination notices for redundancy, installation of labor-saving devices, retrenchment and disease
  • Suspension of operations notices
  • Reinstatement notice

This thick compilation of notices and forms has over 300 pages of useful documents for your office, company, small business or library.

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For HR Practitioners: HR Forms, Notices and Contracts Book

Human Resources Notices, Forms and Contracts (Philippines)

HR Notices, Forms and Contracts ; Php 568.00

 Title:  Human Resource Forms, Notices & Contracts

Authors:  Atty. Elvin Villanueva and Sheila Emata

Date Published: 2011

Publisher: LVS Rich Publishing


Another quality product from LVS Rich Publishing, HR Forms, Notices and Contracts is a collection of HR documents ordinarily used in the course of business in the Philippines.  With 155 samples of various forms, notices and contracts, this book is a valuable resource for HR specialists.

A must-have for business owners and HR practitioners.

Price :  Available now at Php568plus courier charges.



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