Book Title:  Guide on Employee Compensation and Benefits Volume 1″

Author: Atty. Elvin Villanueva

Year of Publication:  2010


Consider the following scenarios: Company A underpays its employees because it is not aware of the salaries and benefits mandated by law. Then its employees file a complaint for underpayment or nonpayment of benefits.

Company B overpays its 2,000 employees by Php1,000.00 each in terms of benefits or salaries. Upon realizing its mistakes, it removes said salaries and benefits. Then its employees file a complaint for violating the rule on non-diminution or non-elimination of benefits.

In both cases, the companies would be forced to face the headaches of litigation.

Knowing the basics of employee compensation and benefits will go a long way in terms of paying employees of their services. It will guide employers on the minimum terms of engagement so that it pays within the sphere of legal amount and does not overpay by mistake.

This book provides the guidelines, jurisprudence, and even sample computations on some critical aspects of compensation like overtime, night-shift differential, holiday pay, etc. For example, how to calculate the daily rate if the employee works on a holiday, renders overtime, falling on night differential period and at a time where it is also his rest day? The book shows how.

It shows the solutions to situations in salary administration involving minimum wage and legally mandated benefits. The aim of this work is to promote payment of correct salaries and benefits to the best assets of the company while at the same time preserving the reason for being of any business: that is, derive profits.

Price:  Php 568.00